Who is whoopi goldberg currently dating

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The idea is far-fetched to those of us who have covered Clinton in the news over the years or anyone who has read her memoirs.Yet the rumors have persisted for decades and have been fueled in part by her relationship with her longtime aide and confidant Huma Abedin, who is always at Clinton’s side.In one of several articles, the website quotes anti-Clinton author Ed Klein, who had written many anti-Hillary screeds and now does work for Donald Trump.According to Mr Conservative, "Klein asserted that Hillary was obsessed with lesbianism, but not in a normal way.Rios is a Fox News contributor and hosts a daily radio talk show. On May 25 she asserted that President Obama’s order that school bathrooms be trans inclusive would "mainstream pedophilia." On May 20 Rios said Eric Fanning, President Obama’s pick for Army Secretary, "couldn’t lead men" because he is openly gay. Right Wing Watch quoted Rios: "Hillary Clinton embraces every sexual deviancy you can imagine," Rios said, before once again suggesting that the former Secretary of State is a lesbian because "there have been more than rumors swirling about her own sexual proclivities since before she became First Lady." Rios continued, "She’s an advocate of gay marriage, and I mean a strong advocate.She’s been endorsed by every radical homosexual activist group in the country, all the major ones, Human Rights Campaign and others, especially in New York.Should Clinton be elected president, Abedin would be the most highly placed Muslim in American politics. On May 13, the story from March 3 which claims that Hillary is "panicked" about the possibility of emails she exchanged with Huma being revealed in public.

It emerged in 2000 when she was running for the Senate.

Clinton was the only candidate in the race to address LGBT people in her videos (Bernie Sanders released a video on May 25, while campaigning in California, that features LGBT people.) In yet another commentary on Clinton’s alleged lesbianism, Rios says: "Please keep in mind that Hillary Clinton was one of the first public officials to push this whole notion of embracing homosexuality," Rios said.

"I would never forget my own personal shock in the late ‘90s when there was a women’s conference in Beijing and Hillary Clinton was in charge and they brought in women from all over the world at this UN conference, and the emphasis for the American delegation under Hillary’s tutelage was on lesbianism." But it is Abedin that many are fixated on – in part because she is always with Clinton and in part because she is Muslim.

Even though progress on this front is not easy, we cannot delay acting.

So in that spirit, I want to talk about the difficult and important issues we must address together to reach a global consensus that recognizes the human rights of LGBT citizens everywhere." The speech goes on for some time, detailing why LGBT rights were essential and the brutality that LGBT people have been subjected to globally.

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