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Roger Daltrey's famous stuttering vocal was an ­accident.Not having rehearsed, he was trying to fit the words to the music, stumbled over them and the band liked the sound so much they kept it.From recruiting and grooming sex workers to finding customers, the internet is being used in every stage of the sex trafficking game, Daly said, and Thomas’s case is not unique in that regard.From 2010 until his arrest in 2012, Finkbiner used, as well as other anonymous video chat websites, to locate his victims.This saves the hassle of having to go to some image uploader, upload the picture there, and then paste the link in the chat box, and then having to wait for the other person to go to it.

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Well it is a cliche of course of it does depend on the person, how he was brought up, what his experiences are etc, but the culture difference between the Dutch and Americans is not such a massive difference compared with e.g.

Are they really that different from their peers elsewhere, in Belgium or Germany, for example?

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