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and the ultimate guide to Chastisements in the Home, School and Church is though my Manual and its related booklets.

The delivery of these examples should start in the Church with Church Chastisements, move through our Female Academies with the School Chastisements for our Daughters and their Mothers and spread through the community with our Home Chastisements of our girls and women.

I knew the old Pastor or rather my mother did and I can always remember sitting on that porch.Yes the Parsons house is painted white and has green shutters.In fact just about everything is painted white and has green shutters.The Piney Woods of Texas, and in particular the area from Vidor to Jasper has been highly successful in battling the inroads of Godless Secular Liberalism. Daughters were taking up Un Godly ways, dating and wearing shorts in public. I cant go to bed until I have written my Diary into the computer. It was the most terrible beating I have ever had in my life. But my Pastor tells me I only had a Moderate Chastisement. I will try and be like Martha, my Pastor My husband Dominic and I met this morning, Saturday, with our Pastor Henry and his wife Martha. I now realize that my Husband has been meeting with Pastor Henry for some time.The fore-guard of the Un Godly, the Papists and Jews, fear to settle in this region and those of inferior races know their places. Then in 1994 a new Pastor came to the Holiness Church and together with the example of his wife he has been restoring the Godly Way of Submission, Obedience and Discipline. That is one which is the lightest kind that counts. I write how my Chastisements happened and how my Chastisements feels. Tomorrow, my Husband Domnic reads it and makes changes in red ink. I will look on what I have done, be sorry for what I have done wrong and I will try to be better. I have frequently been bad and I have tried to be better. My daughters are starting to take after me and be bad. My Husband has been trying to figure out how to correct what has been going wrong with our marriage.

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