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And I was like, Whoops, that's out there.""I love dressing up with Jason. Jake and I improvised every line we said in the film. I'm laughing now looking at it because my smile in the pic is so genuine.

You can tell I'm not acting.""I love the dress.

I grabbed my short, very gay manager and smashed him up against my back. ' And I said, ' Look down.' I was wearing nothing underneath. So we hobbled sideways, clutching each other, to the bathroom. It was horrifying.""This is just after I walked offstage [after a performance at Joe's Pub], and he's smirking because I had..we fucked like Kenyan marathon runners. He was like, ' I can't believe you.' It was kind of an aside. So many actors are really short, and he's tall, and he was an athlete, so he's strong.

And then I said it, and I could feel the room go, Whoa. He just looks great in everything.""Aahhh, my favorite movie-making experience ever! Jake is hilarious, and our dialogue here was as organic and silly as it comes.

GLAMOUR: Your parents have been married for what, 35 years?I remember we're doing the fitting, and it felt like I was being fitted for my [own] wedding dress.They were bringing me the veil and all the fixings, and I felt so girlie.At one point Nick Cassavetes, the director, put me in a black wig.And once I had it on, he said, ' I don't buy you as a blonde anymore. So I dyed my hair dark, and sure enough, I started getting different roles.""I've known Salman since I was eight. When we were both going to the dinner, he said, ' Why don't we walk the red carpet?

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