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The next 9 months will be a crash course in transcontinental communication. Our 2018 Sky Almanac explains many of the beautiful lights that sometimes adorn the sky, from the blue of a daytime sky to the shimmering green of an aurora to the multiple colors of a rainbow in our Sky Almanac issue.After all, no one ever recovers from a bad reading experience—not even Cheuse, who, when asked whether he thinks he could name all 1,600 of the books he’s reviewed, chuckles, “Only the good ones. National Public Radio’s chief editor Michael Oreskes resigned Wednesday, a day after he was placed on leave following sexual harassment allegations dating back almost two decades.

The women spoke anonymously and said Oreskes abruptly kissed them while they were speaking to him about potential jobs.“My job as I see it is to bring forward the best books that I read. Now and then, I’ll do poetry, if I can sneak it in. Sometimes you know just by someone’s voice that you’re not going to have a good time. Or you know that you want to see this person again.But for the most part it’s fiction, and I just do what I surmise to be the best new fiction each month that I would enjoy reading.” Sometimes Cheuse knows he wants to review a book after reading only a few pages, and sometimes he doesn’t decide until after he’s reached the final page. So you have to develop your instincts and judgments based on what the book presents and what you enjoy when you think of what your needs are as a reader.” of a reviewer is he?“I want to give the essentials of the book,” he says, “and give its flavor or main characteristic.And suggest if someone wants to read it or not, depending on his or her own taste.” “I basically just exercise my own taste,” he says.

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