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" Christina asked, seating herself at the table after pouring some coffee.

Debra got a faint smile and said "Oh -- umm -- the boys needed my help with something." Sharon giggled.

"I can't leave you little whores alone for a second." I panted and smiled as my lovely wife accepted a kiss from me.

"Nope." "And just what were you doing up until this point, mother?

We all tried to compose ourselves, although a few more naughty kisses were exchanged and then we all addressed the issue of our get-together the next weekend. Angelica is going to come for the first time, she's bringing Petra with her, they're really excited." "Jena and Claire are joining us, Sienna has the flu, but is hoping to be over it by then.

Jena says she can't wait to feel Paul's cock in her pussy again, but this time, she wants both of us at once! She adored the little pixie and they flirted constantly and spoke on the phone quite frequently. "Oh wonderful, Lee and Janna are coming too, they're bringing a friend -- I'll make a note of that -- they got someone to babysit.

It was one of our "open" evenings and this ass got a bit hammered and was quite demanding on some of our attractive female membership.Paul got him out in very short order, it was the only time I have seen my son get violent and hit someone.The young lady who had brought him apologized profusely and was quite embarrassed.Paul loves a good-morning fuck more than any of us, many is the time he's snuck into our room and begged me or Deb to suck him hard and then let us ride his dick until we cum.His sisters, being the good little sluts that they are, usually try to accommodate him as well. "I've heard from a few members who haven't been to one before and a few of my favorite playmates are joining us again.

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