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Another woman recalls how she grew up in a born again, Christian evangelical home but still managed to sneak David Bowie and Prince albums by her mother.

The strangers also end up sharing plenty of laughs with each other, and after they put their clothes back on, they are asked to weigh in on whether they thought being topless and cuddling had helped them open up.

20 Headset für Blinde hilft bei Straßenüberquerung h_da-Studierende gewinnen Preis auf Things Con Ein Headset, das die Stop-and-go-Signale einer Ampel simuliert, soll es Blinden und Sehbehinderten k...

UNESCO-Auszeichnung: Hochschule Darmstadt ist herausragender Lernort für Nachhaltigkeit Erst vor kurzem ist das neue Bund-Lnder-Frderprogramm "Innovative Hochschule" gestartet....

However, not everyone is completely satisfied, and at the end of the clip, a man named Jim says he thought they would be stroking faces and doing more than hugging.

The team asks Jim and his partner if they would be willing to take their shirts off again to try that out, and they both agree. It's not how I usually spend my Sunday mornings,' the man jokes while Jim caresses his hair and face.

Liebe Besucherin, lieber Besucher, Ich in in den Weihnachtsferien. Januar werde ich mich wieder um Ihre Fragen zur Relgion, Kirche und Glaube kümmern.

Er war ein kleiner Junge und besuchte als Feriengast in den...

Another woman also steps behind her male partner, but he is fine with it.

They happily chat about how they are supposed to get snow that day, and they both think that is good news.

'I am just self-conscious about being too cold for poor Jim here,' one man admits; however, his partner says his hands are fine.

'They are a little cold, but it doesn't bother me,' he responds.

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