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"Everyone still treasures the sense of identity and belonging they feel when they are in the midst of a community.

No matter how many digital likes we get, friendship and human connection will always be key." JAPANESE FINDS HIS KAKIS For Mr Allan Tanekura, managing director of a Japanese event ticketing company, meeting Singaporeans has been a tricky prospect.

In Singapore, there are at least three such apps that have recently launched.

For Ms Jen, the irony of being unable to translate digital connections into real-life interaction spurred her to launch Sup - which she calls "Tinder for social life" - with her Harvard University schoolmate in January this year.

In the end, I made a good friend whom I am still in touch with today." Similarly, local community- building apps such as Wander and Motivatormob capitalise on commonalities between strangers to help people turn digital connections into offline friendships."As I work from home, the app gives me a chance to connect with other working professionals in entrepreneurship who I would not have had a chance to meet otherwise," says the singleton, who runs an e-commerce start-up."I use it up to three times a week and have met lots of interesting people - many of whom are married and in relationships - who are just looking to make new friends."During that time, I realised that it would be helpful to have a way to meet new people and casually network with people in my industry," he says."Plus, my wife who worked in the city would also mention how she did not like to dine alone, which made me realise there was potential for an app like Lunch Kaki." This desire to connect like- minded individuals for platonic friendship is why he says he has made the conscious effort to not market the app as one that promotes romance.

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