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This interference startled the two caribou (Kate was stalking) and resulted in a caribou stampede from an entire herd of caribou, Kate flees along with her hunting group and the Eastern wolves.Kate succeeds in getting above ground from the stampede, but Claw and Scar were trapped in the stampede, running for their lives, forcing Kate to save them.In Alpha and Omega 2, she is leader of the pack with her mate Humphrey.

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Later, Kate secretly follows her father to a secret meeting between him and Tony, the Alpha leader of the Eastern Pack.At first, they're afraid of the two wolves who only want to ask them a few questions, but it results in a literal wild goose chase.When they finally subdue Marcel, he agrees to answer their questions and they learn where they are and why they were brought to Idaho: To repopulate. When Humphrey tries to make light of the situation, Kate berates him and thinks he's being thoughtless since he's an Omega and, to her assumption, knows nothing of duty.When spring comes, Kate has now become a fully-trained teenage Alpha and takes her duty to the pack very seriously.She is assigned to lead her first hunt with her fellow beta wolves, Hutch and Can-do.

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