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Before meeting anyone that you may be spending time alone with, it’s best to have an idea of what kind of person they are.

It’s as simple as entering some credit card information and hitting “Buy.” Not much, in fact, is out of reach: groceries, home goods, medications, pet supplies, gifts – all of these things can be purchased with the click of a button!

After all, shouldn’t you meet the person first, see if you have chemistry, then worry about whether they might be a convicted felon?

When we put it like that, of course it sounds ridiculous!

Many people believe background checks only give you information about someone’s possibly criminal past, but this just isn’t true.

Background checks do give you criminal history, but they also give you identifying records, such as a person’s employment history, whether they have any civil records like a marriage license or divorce decree, and often even where they want to school.

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