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Not only that, our dedicated team of chat room monitors (all volunteer members) help oversee our chat rooms making them run smoothly day-in-day-out. Just clean, fun and friendly chatting for all our members.I'm Enjoying the Chat Room I must say so far my experience here at Senior Chatters has been a wonderful one indeed.Eventually, the fence was knocked down and several other protesters made their way onto the work site."I walked over the fence and sort of hunkered down behind some machinery.I was partially hidden and had gotten pretty far in before someone spotted me and came after me," Kashia said.

Versgrove, 64, said she and other members of the group have been traveling around the state participating in several protests, marches and public hearings.Ask any member of the 100 Grannies, and they'll say their mission is to educate, advocate and agitate for a better environment.For five of the group's members who face trial in May for trespassing charges, they take the third tenet to heart. 1, in an attempt to halt work on a portion of the now-completed 1,172-mile Dakota Access Pipeline that travels below the Mississippi River near Sandusky, Ia., in southeast Lee County, Ann Christenson, Miriam Kashia, Georgiane Perret, Aaron Silander and Mary Beth Versgrove were arrested."That's a pretty imminent threat in the event of an oil spill to everyone who lives there."... We're going to keep acting and we're all going to continue to try to get that oil flow turned off."Kashia added: "I think we're trying to turn the tide of public opinion because that's what creates change.The climate crisis deniers are vocal, but they're the vast minority. The real purpose of what we are doing is growing public awareness."Boddicker said a majority of the demonstrators arrested on Oct. In addition to the five members of the 100 Grannies, though, he said there was a group of six to eight demonstrators who did not appear in court and have warrants out for their arrest, and two other demonstrators are facing trial on trespassing and interference charges."My goal for the five cases from Johnson County would be to have a trial toward the end of the summer," Boddicker said.

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